Use Fort Collins Storage For Your Summer Items

The bid farewell to summer takes many forms. Some take their beloved motorcycles for a few last good rides. Others prepare their yards for winter, with mulching, trimming, and pruning our plants. Some spend their days putting away the children’s summer yard items like the inflatable swimming pull, the doll house, and the bicycles. During much of this time, we are facing a “Where the heck do I put all this stuff?” crisis.

When summer rolls around, it is so easy to go out and buy every toy, vehicle, mulcher, and piece of outdoor gear we can afford. Then we happily use them, enjoying the warm weather and fresh air. New bikes are usually a must, with all those sweet bike paths calling our name. Some may be lucky enough to get a motorcycle or even a convertible; so we can tool around town with the wind blowing our hair and the sun burning our shoulders.

And of course camping. We are apt to pick up not only a good tent, but camp chairs, portable cook stoves, fishing gear, pads and sleeping bags. We might end up with two truck loads worth of items to insure our rugged outdoorsy camping experience retains some of the leisure implements we are so fond of.

Oh gosh, and the plant nursery. Lawn mowers, riding mowers, hedge trimmers, shovels, spades, sacks of fertilizer and mulch, a wheel barrow, shovels, bird feeders, a fountain, and maybe even a lawn gnome.

Seriously, buying items for summer is way too much fun. We do go overboard. And, we enjoy every bit of usage we derive from our portable outdoor fire pit and our weed whacker and our scuba gear.

Then the season starts to change. First we pick up all the camping gear. It will sort of fit in the closet. Actually, not really, but there is no room in the garage, because the garage has 5 bicycles, 2 lawnmowers, the kids yard tools, including the very large playhouse and inflatable pool. Mom is just going to have rearrange everything to be able to get her motorcycle in the garage with all that stuff, never mind the car.

Where in the world is all of this stuff supposed to go? As you mow your lawn those few last times, the thought does cross your mind to just leave the mower outside and cover it with a tarp. You know that’s not a good idea. Mechanical Items left out in the elements will rust and be damaged by both moisture and cold.

Scott Rubin
Closet CC Photo Courtesy of Scott Rubin

And the motorcycles, ugh. And the camping gear, and the yard toys, and the gardening stuff. It goes on and on. Well we have a solution. Seasonal storage units are affordable, convenient, safe and watertight. How about just renting a storage unit for all the summer goodies. The beauty of it is, if you should want any of these items for use during the winter, all it takes is a quick ride to your storage locker to pull an item out. Seasonal storage is especially efficient for items that take up a lot of room; that way you can actually use your closets mud room and garage for the items that need to be available year round. And, if you don’t have a garage, a self storage unit is a great way to have a place to park cars, bikes, and other items that would otherwise clutter up your home or apartment.

Fort Collins storage is just about the best solution to having too much stuff, and not enough space, especially for seasonal items.

You can rent a very small storage locker, or a large one, and the rates are incredibly low. Just the piece of mind at being able to open a hall closet without a barrage of items falling out is worth the peace of mind.

Waterglen Storage features many clean, convenient affordable options to meet your seasonal storage needs.

  • They features a variety of unit sizes from 5×5 to 12×30
  • Waterglen Self Storage Offers the most competitive rates in town, starting at $40.00 a month
  • Provides roof heights from 9 to 12 feet –  giving you the largest cubic feet of storage space
  • All of their units come with roll-up doors and have easily car/truck access
  • They offer prepaid bi-annual and yearly discounts
  • No long term contracts, no administration fees and no security deposits are  required
  • Rentals can be contracted for as little as one month, or seasonally, or year round, whatever your self storage needs require.

So quit cramming everything into the closet and cluttering up the garage. Go and rent yourself a self storage locker for all those seasonal items.

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