When to Toss or Keep Toys

It’s hard to tell what things will come back in style, can be used again at a later time, or might be worth money some day. But keeping all of the toys that your child owns indefinitely means that you’ll need a really big basement, or a massive storage locker — neither which are really necessary! How can you tell which toys you should keep? There are a few ways to sort this out.

  • Look at past collectibles. Typically, video game systems gain value at some point. If you still have an old Atari system, for example, you could now sell that system online for a decent price. Keeping too many systems may start to cram your living room, though, but you can always store gaming systems that are no longer in use in a self storage unit.
  • Card collections: It’s fun for kids to collect sports cards, but it’s really hard to tell if any of those cards will ever be worth anything. If you do want to hold onto cards in the hopes that one day you may have an original Jose Canseco card, you can add those collections to a Fort Collins self storage unit too.
  • Figurines. The thing about figurines from movies and TV shows is that they are only valuable if they are kept in good condition. If your kid has chewed on, broken, and completely wrecked a figurine until it’s barely recognizable, there’s no need to keep it. If, on the other hand, those figurines are still in plastic, you can keep them.
  • Toys that could be used at a later time. If you plan to have more kids, hang onto some of the toys that are in good shape. Your current child may not play with those things, but your future child may love them. Get rid of any toys that have seen better days — there’s plenty more where those came from.

Why Cleaning Out Toys Matters

Does it matter if your child has three rooms full of toys? Maybe. Some minimalist advocates argue that children with fewer toys develop longer attention spans, more social circles, and play with things like books more than flashy toys. You may not be doing your kid any favors by buying her a ton of different things that she can’t really play with all at once. Try putting just a few toys out for your child, and see if moods and creativity changes.

The hard part about getting rid of toys is figuring out how to get your child on the same page. You may not want to keep everything, but he may really want all of his toys. How do you compromise? Explain to your child that keeping just a few toys is a better way to go, and ask him to give up a few at a time that he no longer plays with. If you notice that some toys are never played with, get rid of those toys when your child is not around — chances are that most toys left aside will never be missed.

When You Can’t Keep Toys in Waterglen Storage

If you’re out of storage space, don’t throw your toys away. There are many kinds out there that would love a toy donation, and your older toys will go to good use this way. You can also give toys to any new parent that may need some new baby things, or simply bring the toys to a shelter, so that they can be donated. There’s almost always a place for old toys!

It’s a good idea to keep some toys, but others can be given away without issue. Are there any toys that you wish your parents had kept when you were a kid? Let us know!

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