Top 10 Most Valuable Celebrity Memorabilia

If you’ve ever watched the show ‘Storage Wars’ you know just how valuable some collections can be. Some of the things that are prized most in the collectible world are those things that come from celebrities. Celebrity memorabilia is often very valuable, and some items tend to take value as they age. Here are some of the celebrity items and collections that gained the most money at auction.

Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ Jacket: The infamous Thriller jacket was sold at auction for $1.8 million — not bad for a jacket that was originally purchased for around $300,000.

The cape worn in the earliest ‘Dracula’ movie: This cape is expected to fetch a spooky $1.5 million to $2 million at auction when it is sold.

Richard Gere’s guitar collection: Gere’s guitar collection included some classics like a 960 Gibson Les Paul. The whole collection earned Gere $936,000.

Lady Gaga autographed urinal: Lady Gaga autographed a urinal used in a film shoot (though she didn’t actually use the urinal!), and that piece is currently selling on eBay for $460,000.

Marilyn Monroe’s wedding ring: this diamond encrusted ring was given to Monroe by Joe DiMaggio, and sold at auction for more than $700,000. The ring was as iconic as Marilyn herself, and it will be forever remembered.

John Wayne’s clothes from ‘True Grit’: if you were a John Wayne fan, you might be willing to pay more than $160,000 for one of his famous outfits, right? Well, that’s what this outfit went for at auction, anyway.

The ‘General Lee’ from the ‘Dukes of Hazzard’: this car sold for $450,000 — rumor has it that the car was supposed to sell for millions, but the deal fell through at the last minute. Still, $450,000 for a car isn’t so bad.

The Starship Enterprise from ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’: This miniature model didn’t do too badly at auction selling for $576,000.

One pair of ruby slippers from the ‘Wizard of Oz’: There are four pairs of ruby slippers in circulation today, but only one was sold at auction for $660,000.

The Cowardly Lion costume from ‘The Wizard of Oz’: This costume sold at auction for $805,000. Someone out there is wearing the lion costume with a lot of nostalgic pride today.

How to Start a Collection

If you don’t have room in your home, you can always start your collection by storing it in one or two Fort Collins storage units. As far as what to collect, begin with memorabilia that is widely recognized and known by a lot of people (like stuff from the Wizard of Oz). Most people begin collections by attending auctions held by movie studios, visiting storage unit auctions and looking for items that other people may pay a lot of money for. It helps if you can get your hands on items that were used in a popular film or worn by a film star. Items from musicians or musical instruments of worth seem to sell well too.

The reality is, though, that figuring out what will and won’t be valuable someday is hard to do, so just start collecting for the sake of collecting what you love and the stars will align if it’s all meant to be. Remember, you can always rent a storage unit to store your collection if you don’t have space for all of that stuff at home — we’re happy to help! Self storage in Fort Collins is what we do best — call us for rates and more information.

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