Tips for Summer Storage

As we finally hit the stride of summer, many people are buying new homes, taking on household projects, or taking vacations. No matter what this season looks like for you, you may benefit from self-storage in Fort Collins! 

Summertime is a fantastic time to take advantage of self-storage, whether you’re cleaning house, moving, or something else. And you don’t need to be a college student to benefit from a secure storage unit (although they are amazing for storing all your stuff until semester begins!). Here are some basic tips for self-storage in the summer:

  1. Look for climate control

Storage units in the Colorado summer can get very hot. That is, unless they come with climate control! Don’t skimp and go with a storage company that will leave your precious belongings vulnerable to wild temperature fluctuations. Get a unit that keeps your items cool and safe.

  1. Get the winter stuff out of sight

If you want to maximize your space in your garage or home this summer, there’s no need to keep your winter goods hanging around. Some things that would be great for your storage unit include: snow shovels, snowblowers, holiday decorations, skiis or snowboards, sleds, winter clothing, and more!

  1. Use it as a temporary landing spot

Thousands of people make a housing move each summer here in Northern Colorado, and storage units can be a valuable ally in that process. If you’re a student, don’t haul all your stuff back home or abroad for the summer- leave it in a secure unit. If you’re a family moving to a new place, use your unit as an in-between, to stash your things before, during, and after your moving day.

Storage spots fill up quickly this time of year, so get in touch with us today to reserve yours!

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