Tips For Making The Holidays Manageable

The holidays are here! The decorations are up, the travel has been booked, and the wish lists have been made. Winter in Fort Collins can be incredible beautiful and peaceful, as long as you don’t let the holiday stress take over. Whether you are hosting your family for the yearly gathering, or you’re spending a quiet one at home, it’s a great idea to have a strategy to keep the season as hassle-free as possible.

Here are a few great tips to keeping the stress and clutter to a minimum, so you can enjoy the season’s cheer!

  1. Shop in the evenings

Take advantage of retail stores’ extended holiday hours, and shop in the quiet of evenings, after most kid’s bedtimes. You’ll meet a much more mellow crowd, not feel as rushed, and feel accomplished when you crawl into bed.

  1. Have a storage plan

Often, the holidays come with the acquiring of a lot more things, and it’s important to have a plan to store them. Find a good hiding spot for presents, a place to keep extra food stocked, and of course, an offsite storage unit for the things you don’t need around the house when holiday guests arrive.

  1. Schedule quality time

In today’s age, if it doesn’t get scheduled, it often doesn’t happen, but we’re still hesitant to put things like family time on the master calendar. Don’t be shy to block off time for making memories, like building a snowman, watching a classic movie, baking cookies, or decorating with the family.

  1. Don’t overdo the gifts

It might be tempting to buy your way into the hearts of your loved ones, but it’s okay to relax the gift giving a little bit. Focus on the things that matter, like quality time, new experiences, or handmade, meaningful items. Make your gifts really special- not something that will end up in a Fort Collins storage unit in a month.

  1. Hire some help

There’s no shame in bringing in reinforcements when you need them, but be sure to book them early. House cleaning, carpet steaming, baking/cooking, dog walking, and childcare services can fill up fast this time of year, but it might be worth the money to hire help to prepare!

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