Thinking of Downsizing? Get a Storage Unit!

Colorado is an awesome place to live, but as more and more people realize this, housing prices are continuing to rise. Cities like Fort Collins, Boulder, and Denver are seeing unprecedented growth, and this is inspiring many families to look for smaller, more affordable housing. It’s always nice to save some money on rent or a mortgage, but too many people feel stuck because of how many possessions they have. When you want to save some cash on a smaller place, but don’t want to get rid of everything you own, then what are your options?

It’s never fun or healthy to live with a bunch of clutter- having a cramped and cluttered home has been linked to lower happiness, relationship problems, and higher stress levels. So, instead of simply bringing all of your stuff with you into your smaller house, you may want to consider renting an external storage unit! Many Coloradans are taking advantage of the popularity of self storage these days, and are enjoying a more spacious home and peace of mind, knowing their extra belongings have a safe place to be.

A storage unit near your home can be a wonderful tool for storing seasonal items, heirlooms and other hand-me-downs, extra furniture and appliances, and any “extras” that you don’t have room for in your new, smaller home. You can enjoy perks like 24/7 security, climate control, low monthly payments, and convenient locations, to make your downsizing transition a little bit easier. When you’re ready to check out how self storage is your key to downsizing success, come to Waterglen Storage and let us give you the tour!

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