The Strangest Things Found in Storage Units

Not everyone who rents a self-storage unit uses it to store things like old mattresses, office files, or extra appliances. The self-storage industry has seen rapid growth over the last decade or so, and this uptick in storage usage has given way to some very interesting finds. In some cases, storage units are abandoned, and must be cleaned out by either the storage company, or by someone who purchased the unit at auction. Occasionally, these unused units contain unusual items, some of which are valuable…and some of which are not!

Here are some of the weirdest things that have been found in abandoned storage units:

  1. NASA rocket

In 2011, a large storage unit in Miami was found to hold some fascinating space and engineering equipment. Among the treasure was an authentic NASA rocket and countdown clock, which was proven authentic. NASA, however, didn’t reclaim their rocket, and it was sold to a private party.

  1. A dead body

Human and animal remains are sometimes found in storage units, and in one case, a daughter had stored her 95-year-old mother’s body in their family self-storage facility. Apparently, many years later, in 2012, the grandchildren of the deceased woman discovered the body, thanks to their mother’s deathbed confession.

  1. Live explosives

Some people use storage units to house ammunition, but one unlucky bidder on a Michigan storage unit came across a live hand grenade. The bomb squad was called to detonate the grenade, and thankfully nobody was hurt by this unusual and dangerous discovery!

  1. Riches

It’s a common fantasy: buy a cheap storage unit at auction, and discover a bountiful treasure. This is exactly what happened to one San Jose man, after purchasing a unit for $1100, he stumbled upon nearly a half-million dollars’ worth of gold, silver, and rare coins…stashed in a cheap rubbermaid container.

  1. Rotting food

Most people remember to clean out their refrigerators and freezers before putting them in storage, but occasionally they don’t! There have been multiple cases of abandoned units containing rotting or spoiled food, including hundreds of pounds of meat, leftover takeout, and other smelly remnants.

  1. Criminal evidence

In one case, a Colorado man stumbled upon a storage unit containing a plethora of grisly items, including rope, bloody weapons, police files, an axe, and blood-soaked clothing. After being turned over to the proper authorities, it was linked to an unsolved murder case of a teen girl in 2006. This evidence broke the case open again ten years later, in 2016.

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