Store These Things At Your Own Risk!

Wait, what? You can’t store everything in your Fort Collins storage units? Sorry – there are just some things we cannot allow you to store. Despite the fact you’ve paid to use the space, it is still our space, and there’s a good reason we can’t allow for anything and everything to be stored – safety.

The safety of your stuff, the stuff of everyone else surrounding you, and the facility in general, is of the utmost importance to us, as it should be to you! Here’s a list, just in case there’s an item on it you were considering storing. We’re pretty sure that you’d never dream of storing some of these things, but they must be mentioned just in case!

  • Stolen Items. This is pretty obvious to most people. But if you’re one of those, “I’m getting a storage unit to hide everything I steal so they’ll never find it” people, sorry. We can’t allow you to store stolen goods by law.
  • Live Animals. It doesn’t matter if you are trying to conceal a puppy you bought for your daughter’s birthday for a temporary period of time, or if you’re just keeping an animal in the unit while you are away on vacation – you cannot keep live animals in a storage unit. It’s considered animal cruelty. Even if it is a temperature controlled environment, it’s still dark and lonely in there. Let’s not forget the pet has to relieve itself somehow, and it certainly can’t be inside the unit!
  • Dead Animals. Yet another item that most of you understand should never be stored in our storage units. If you don’t understand, let us break it down for you – dead animal equals rotting animal, which brings insects, disease, and a horrible odor to the facility. That is just unacceptable.
  • Food. While it might seem harmless to keep the boxes of canned goods or even pet food in your storage unit, this is something that is not allowed for much the same reason you can’t keep dead animals in the facility. Even if you mind the dates of expiration on your perishables, many rodents and insects will be attracted to the smell of all that food. That leads to a possible infestation, if not in your unit, all of the other units as well. And it won’t stop at your food – you might find other items in your unit are ruined by either nesting critters or from them chewing things like boxes and furniture.
  • Firearms,  Ammunition, and Anything That Goes Boom. Just because your guns are locked up, it doesn’t mean an incident can’t occur that can cause them to explode. What if there were a fire? The same holds true for grenades, bombs, and even fireworks. You cannot keep these items in your storage unit – if they were to explode, not only will they destroy your storage unit, the units surrounding it will likely be damaged as well.
  • Hazardous Material. This should be another no brainer. If you are looking to store things like noxious gases, propane tanks, compressed gas, gasoline, motor oil, kerosene, paint, cleaners, fertilizers, asbestos, corrosive materials, or chemicals and flammables of any kind, you might want to reconsider. Much like the “things that go boom” listed above, these items have the potential to explode or catch fire, putting your stuff, our units, and the stuff of others in jeopardy. That means any equipment you store must be drained completely of all fluids and gasoline before you can store them.
  • Drugs and Drug Paraphernalia. Again, this is another given, but it must be mentioned. If it’s illegal, you can’t store it. Simple as that.

There you have it, all the things you cannot store here at Waterglen Storage. Of course, if you have any questions regarding the storage of specific items, we’d be happy to answer them. Better safe than sorry!

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