Why Storage Units Make Sense For Northern Colorado Families

In case you haven’t heard, Fort Collins has yet again been ranked as one of the top family-friendly cities in the country, and we’re seeing an explosion of people flocking to the area. Northern Colorado is quickly becoming the place to be, especially if you want to raise children, and this influx of population is creating a bit of a space issue. Houses are being built and sold as fast as they can, but most families in the area are still feeling cramped by their quarters.

The need for more storage and living space doesn’t have to be fixed by taking on a huge mortgage, especially when there are plenty of reputable storage units all around town. Self storage is a great way to utilize your current space and extend the usability of your house, even with a handful of little ones. Here are a few reasons why this makes sense:

  1. Frees up living space

If you always feel cramped and wish you could stretch out more when playing with the kids or having a meal, then external storage units can help. Most of the things we have lying around are merely clutter, and don’t get used all that often. Round them up, put them in labeled bins, and put them in storage, even just for a little while, and you’ll notice yourself breathing easier.

  1. Reduces the need for upsizing

Many Northern Colorado families are already under financial strain, so why add to the stress with a house hunt for a larger place? There are lots of ways that you can rearrange your current home to make it feel more spacious and livable, at least for a while longer. If you have a guest bedroom, office, or a room that you just use for storage, consider doing a bit of remodeling and putting a lot of that stuff in a storage unit. Then you can use that space for a new nursery, or to give your older kids a bit of privacy.

  1. Opens the potential for income property

Older homes, and even some newer ones, usually had an external garage, shed, or enclosed patio, that many modern families use for storage or yard junk. If you have the right location and amenities, you could clear that space and rent it out, covering the cost of your storage unit and then some. Potential is everywhere, for people who know where to look, and aren’t afraid of a little sweat equity.

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