Storage Units Are Ideal For These 3 Items

There are thousands of Fort Collins families who are storing things in their homes unnecessarily, perhaps unaware that there is a better option out there. Storage units are a fantastic solution to many space issues today, but sometimes it’s hard to know what should go into a storage unit, as opposed to staying at your home or office. We try to cram as much as we can into our attics, garages, and spare bedrooms, but sometimes we just don’t have the space we need for the big and bulky things.

Luckily, there are lots of great storage centers around town that are ready and waiting to take those obnoxious items off your hands for a while. Move out these three main things, and you can enjoy a cleaner, safer, and more spacious home!

  1. Antiques

Most of us probably have some collection of hand-me-downs from family, and while these things may be valuable or sentimental, we may not need them in our daily spaces. Storage units are perfect for stashing away grandma’s old dresser, your heirloom dishes, or the fancy chair that doesn’t go with your décor. Thanks to the climate control and high security of Fort Collins storage units, you can rest easy knowing your antiques and family valuables will be safe and sound for the next generation.

  1. Extra appliances

Sometimes, we end up with more appliances than we can use, whether that’s thanks to a newly combined household, a vanity upgrade, or a gift. Things like washers, dryers, dishwashers, refrigerators, generators, and ovens are valuable and can always be used in the future when households change. But they’re much too bulky to have hanging around at home, so stick them in a storage unit for when you (or your kids) may need them!

  1. Children’s belongings

There are a lot of empty nesters in Fort Collins, especially with kids that are freshly off to college. It might be tempting to hold on to all your children’s things and keep their rooms intact, but wouldn’t it be nicer to clear out that space for you and your spouse to use, or perhaps rent for extra income? You can pack up all your kid’s stuff and tuck it safely out of the way in a storage unit, for when they come back or move to their own home in the future.

If you are looking for a few things to get out of your house and into a local storage unit, then these three areas are a great place to start. Our self storage units are convenient and affordable, so you can finally clear out the clutter and enjoy a more peaceful and pleasant home!

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