Storage for All Those Holiday Items

Self storage units are often thought of when it’s time to move, but few people think of renting a storage unit in order to store things like holiday items. Think about all of the holiday trinkets that you have – from wreaths to ornaments and singing reindeer. The average American has more than few boxes of decorations, and that number can be a lot more if you add things like inflatable snowmen and other large lawn ornaments to the mix!

The holiday season is a fun one, but it only lasts for one month (two or three if you leave your decor up past the holiday time). All those decorations really do add to the holiday spirit! Throughout the rest of the year, you’re probably pushing boxes aside in your garage or trying to find space in other areas of your home in order to store all of those holiday things. There might be a better solution to that problem – rent a self storage space.

Reasons to Use Self Storage During the Holidays

  • To make room for all of those people that will be visiting you during the holiday season. Making room for your relatives means that you’ll have to temporarily find a space for everything that doesn’t have to be in your home at the time. Simply replace the decorations that are normally in your home with your holiday items, and move those boxes filled with the regular stuff to the storage facility. You can rent a self storage unit for a month or a few weeks to help with this overflow.
  • Storing your holiday items during the rest of the year. As mentioned above, renting out a self storage unit to store all of those giant snowglobes is a much better plan than trying to stuff those things inside of a small garage space.
  • To get your sanity back. I don’t know about you, but after the holiday season has passed most people are thoroughly tired of seeing all of those decorations! Simply storing things away in a self storage unit means getting your sanity back!
  • You may find that there are some things in your home that really don’t need to be there all year long. As you pack away your holiday items, you may want to pack a box of things that you want to keep, but you may not necessarily want to keep in your home. Things that are for future generations, for example.

Keeping it All Nice and Tidy

One advantage to storing holiday decorations in a self storage unit is that those things will be really easy to get to when it’s time to pull everything out. But, this can only happen if you store items as neatly as possible. So, here are some packing tips from your Waterglen storage experts.

  • Label everything. Make sure that all of the boxes you pack away are clearly labeled – you may even want to put room labels on certain boxes. (“All decorations for living room!”)
  • Group things that go together. If you have a small winter village collection, place all of those houses and other things in the same box. This way, you can pull it all out at once.
  • Put the bigger things at the back of the storage unit, so that you can get to all of the smaller items first.
  • Add lots of paper and packaging to breakable things, just in case you jostle them around when moving boxes to and from your home.

The other great thing about using a self storage facility to store holiday items is that you can pick up a few boxes at a time, so that you don’t get overwhelmed with a holiday mess. Sometimes, too many santas in one room can be too much of a good thing! If you like the idea of storing your holiday decor in a self storage unit, call Waterglen storage today – we’ll find the perfect space for you!

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