Spring Decluttering in 5 Easy Steps

Ah, spring is in the air! And you know what time it is…time for spring cleaning! This annual tradition is a great opportunity to get organized, and do some deep cleaning in those areas of your house that you usually don’t touch. Everyone likes to go about this yearly fest in a different way, and some people don’t even know where to start at all.

If you want to start this season off on the right foot, set aside some time to declutter and refresh your space. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  1. Reserve your Fort Collins storage unit

One of the best places to start, when approaching a big household task, is to snag a storage unit. Find a local company that offers a selection of different-sized units, climate control, and security, then rest well knowing you already have a place, ready to go, for all of your extra clutter.

  1. Remove extra/visible junk first

Don’t bother with cleaning, until after you’ve done a sweep for any unwanted and unused items. Take the time to go room by room, or shelf by shelf, and get rid of as much extra stuff as you can without too much thought. Remember, if you don’t want to part with it forever, put it in your storage unit!

  1. Take everything out

When tackling a cleaning project, especially when it comes to cabinets, closets, and other storage areas, make sure you remove everything first! Take every single item out of the area, then clean the area (wipe out drawers, vacuum, etc…), before methodically selecting each item to put back in.

  1. Be choosy

It might be tempting to just put everything back, only in a slightly different pattern, but resist the urge! Make three piles of your stuff: 1) definite keeps (things that you use regularly, are in good shape, etc…), 2) maybe keeps (seasonal items, speciality items, etc…good for your storage unit), and 3) trash/recycling/giveaway (broken, worn, unwanted items). Find functional homes for things only in pile #1.

  1. Have a plan

Sometimes, after a big declutter project, the hard-earned results don’t last long. That’s because most people go back to their usual habits! This time, have a plan for keeping your home clean and organized. Use labeled bins or totes, do a daily clutter sweep before bed, and get all members of your household on board.

Ready to start your spring decluttering off right? Come to Waterglen Storage for your self-storage unit today!

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