Spring Cleaning Your Storage Unit

After a long, hard winter, spring awakens us. It is a time of rebirth and new starts, when we throw open the windows and clear the stale air from our homes. We pack away the winter décor and snow shovels, switching it all out for spring and summer items, lugging out the patio furniture we’ve been dying to use all winter long. We focus on cleaning our homes and yards, often re-organizing and decluttering at the same time.


Where does that clutter end up? If it isn’t headed to the trash or being donated to the less fortunate, you’re probably storing it all in your Fort Collins storage units.

Do you keep your seasonal items in your storage unit? If you do, you might be dreading the process of digging it all out. In the process of spring cleaning, you’ve designated some items that will head to storage, but can’t say whether or not it will fit. That means you need to expand your spring cleaning efforts to your storage unit itself. Although it’s probably the last thing you wanted to do, it’s important – how else are you going to get your winter stuff in there?

Organizing Your Storage Unit

It’s not necessarily cleaning, either. It’s more of a matter of getting it all organized nicely, making room for more stuff and making it easier to locate items you use seasonally. Here’s a quick list to make the process a bit less painful, and some tips to help you get the most out of your storage unit.

  •      Inspect boxes. How have your boxes been holding up? We know that it’s a controlled environment – you won’t find water damage or anything like that – but how are the boxes faring with other items on top? Are they still sturdy with all of the corners and sides intact? If there are any that seem compromised, you should replace that box immediately. Consider switching everything over to plastic totes – they don’t wear down as quickly, and if you purchase clear totes, you can see the contents without digging your way down through the pile.


  •      Label boxes. You should have done this already, but we know how it is. No worries though – you can very easily spend a day just going through boxes and labeling them accordingly. You’ll thank yourself a year or two down the road, when you need to find something important and don’t have to go through box after box to find it.


  •      Re-organize boxes. Since you’re going through the boxes anyway, you should take the time to organize the contents in a way that makes sense. Just like labeling, it makes it easier to find the items you need. Just like you would during a move, you should keep contents as similar as possible – one box for summer décor, another for Christmas ornaments, another with linens – and inventory each box for a simple way to find something fast.
  •      Set up shelving. Want to make it even easier to do the dreaded seasonal switch? Purchase shelves (they don’t need to be fancy and expensive – cheap wire shelving works here) and use them to store your boxes of seasonal items. In this way, you aren’t moving boxes stacked on top of the boxes you need, only to restack them, each and every time you do a seasonal item switch over.


  •      Reconsider storing items at all. Another question to consider: are there items you can part with? Sure, you moved it from your home into your storage unit a decade ago, but why are you holding on to these items? Is it sentimental value? Take a step back and ask yourself precisely why you are saving each item, and whether or not you should part with it.


For example, you might think that old kitchen table will be perfect for your daughter to use in her future first home, but will she really want it? If it isn’t likely, it’s time for it to go! The hardest thing to do is overcome those sentimental emotions and memories that bubble to the surface while you’re going through your storage unit.

Is it time for you to consider spring cleaning your Waterglen self storage unit?

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