Spring Cleaning and Self Storage

The weather is finally warming up here in Colorado, and spring is officially upon us! Many people take advantage of this time of year to do some decluttering and organizing around the house, aka “spring cleaning!” Cleaning out neglected shelves, cupboards, and other storage spots can feel wonderful, and can really invite in the fresh, spacious energy of springtime.

If you have some projects around the house that you’re ready to tackle, it’s a great idea to have a plan ahead of time. It’s also smart to look into offsite storage, so you can have a space to safely lock away the things you don’t want at your house anymore. Here are two basic tips to keep in mind this spring:

  1. Pick a unit that’s larger than you think you’ll need

If you’re brand-new to offsite storage, it’s tempting to go with the smallest unit, to just test things out. However, many people make this mistake, and end up cramming so much stuff into their unit, that they can’t access everything. Once you start loading your belongings into your storage unit, you won’t want to stop. Plus, most people accumulate more items for storage, after the initial move-in. Make sure you get ample room, so you can make the most out of your unit.

  1. Get organized first

Don’t simply throw a bunch of things into your truck and drop them in your storage unit. This rookie mistake almost ensures that your unit will become disorganized, and will become a place you never want to visit! Take the time to acquire some good storage bins and boxes, labeling tape, and other tools to help you stay organized.

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