Self Storage Is Big Business in Fort Collins: Here’s Why!

Fort Collins, Colorado is one of the hottest places to live, consistently ranking at the top of lists detailing the best spots to settle down. We’ve seen an incredible influx of people moving here, wanting to take advantage of the amazing views, great educational opportunities, and wonderful food and drink that this area has to offer. With all this interest, home builders and property management companies are growing as fast as they can, as well as self storage companies like Waterglen! We all need someone to store our things, whether we are transitioning between houses or looking to live with less clutter, and storage options are getting snapped up fast.

If you live in Fort Collins, or are thinking of moving here, you have lots of possibilities for storing your belongings, both for the short term and the long term. Self storage is the new great way to have the home space you want and can afford, while still holding on the items you love or might need in the future. Here are a few reasons why self storage in Fort Collins is a booming business:

Our population is in transition

Whenever you have a town built around a college or university, your population will be in flux throughout the year. Leases and housing options are built around the semester system, and the size of our city varies greatly between summer and fall. Storage units are ideal for college students and families, so you don’t have to transport all of your things between multiple houses each year. University students and new graduates are taking advantage of these easy storage options, so they can focus on school and socializing.

We have a lot of growing families

Fort Collins has been named one of the best places to raise a family, and it’s no wonder. With our outdoor recreation, small-town feel, and great schools, people are flocking here to bring up their children in this paradise. Self storage allows for households to grow, without needing to move or upsize their housing, which is good for saving time, energy, and money. Raising kids isn’t easy, so families of all sizes are relying on storage options to keep their homes tidy, efficient, and safe for the little ones.

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