Preparing for Fall: What to Store

It’s that time of the year, the leaves are starting to change and the temperature is slowly dropping.This means lots of pumpkin spice, back to school and packing away summer. Here is our guide on what to store over the winter months in Northern Colorado and how to pack it all away.

Patio Furniture

This one can go either way, dependent on what your furniture is made of and if you intend to use it over the autumn and winter months. If you have cloth seats or cushions you will want to make sure to keep them out of the rain and snow. The same can go for woods and plastics, Colorado winters can break them down quicker if left outside. Metal can rust if left in the rain or snow. If you plan on using your patio set or chairs, make sure they are of high quality and if possible you can keep them in a place that has minimal exposure. If you aren’t going to be using them, it is best to store them until next spring.
Before packing them away, give everything a good wipe down and machine wash any linens where it is permitted. Store cushions and pillows in vacuum sealed bags, tables and chairs can be stacked or folded to conserve space.

Outdoor Play Areas and Toys

If you have younger kids, your backyard probably resembles a playroom. In order to keep their toys and play areas in good condition, we recommend storing them over the winter. Most children’s toys are made of plastic or porous wood and will be ruined by the winter weather. If they have toys that you know they will want to play with year round, bring them inside when they aren’t using them. The rest can be stored.This is also a good time to purge, donate or sell anything that they have outgrown.
For storing, clean toys off before packing them, and if needed remove any batteries. We recommend plastic totes. They stack nicely, you can see what is in them and access if needed. For larger activity centers, give a good wash and disassemble if possible; this will allow you to store them without taking up as much space.

Garden Supplies

It is safe to pack most all of your gardening supplies over the fall and winter. Drain your hoses and store them in a plastic tote or canvas bag. Shovel, rakes and such can also be rinsed off and stored. Empty and pots that you don’t want to keep outdoors over the winter, to store. Your lawn mower can also be backed away until spring. You will want to remove any batteries and add a fuel stabilizer, as well as cleaning it, before packing it up.

Summer Cloths and Decor

We also typically have items in our homes that can be stored for the winter. This is a good time to go through your closet and purge what you haven’t worn or won’t wear again and then pack the rest in vacuum sealed bags or plastic totes. Wipe of the bottom of shoes and sandals, also adding a fabric dryer sheet to you totes or bags, will keep your items extra fresh.

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