Make Your Home Feel Spacious With Self Storage

We’re officially in the age of minimalism. Clean and uncluttered spaces are all the rage, for the health of your mind, body, and soul. Even in cities like Fort Collins, people are discovering the stress relief that comes from a simple and tidy home. Most often, this kind of change requires a serious commitment to paring down and getting rid of a lot of things, whether that’s through donation, selling online, or throwing in the trash. But what do you do if you want to achieve the light and airy look without sacrificing your hard-earned stuff? Invest in self storage!

The storage industry is rapidly growing, and people are using these affordable and accessible units to house all sorts of things they don’t want lying around. Unused appliances, baby/childhood supplies, collectibles and antiques…you name it, people have stored it. Now with the collective desire for minimalist spaces, the demand for storage units is even higher. You can shuttle away a portion of your things for a small monthly fee, and finally have the clean and attractive home or apartment that you’ve seen in magazines.

If you’ve been dying to get rid of the unsightly stack of boxes in the garage, or pare down your kitchen cabinets to include only the useful items, you are the perfect candidate for self storage in Fort Collins. Sound like something you want to give a try? Here are a few tips for creating your minimalist home using the trade secret of storage:

1. Pay attention to what you really use

Before you go filling boxes, make sure the things you are storing are things that you really don’t need, for at least 3-4 months at a time. If you bake regularly, it wouldn’t make sense to store your stand mixer and oven tins, but maybe you haven’t touched your record collection in years? Start with things that are long-term items, like your children’s keepsakes, or holiday decorations. Then move to the things that are already boxed (this is a good indication that they’re not used often), like too big/too small clothing, old files and records, or sports equipment for activities long gone.

2. Give it a dry run

Visual clutter is hard on the brain and can actually amplify stress levels, but it might be difficult or emotional even considering taking down decorations, getting rid of movies/music, or eliminating bulky storage racks and bins around your home. Consider doing a practice run, where you temporarily take down and scale back, placing your items in a bin or box and hiding it out of sight. Do this experiment for at least a week, up to a month. You may discover that you don’t actually miss all that junk looking you in the face, and then you can box it up for your self storage unit!

3. Rotate when you’re bored

One of the great things about having your stuff in storage is that you sometimes forget what’s in there, so unpacking those boxes can be exciting. In a minimalist home, it’s nice to rotate decorations, colors, and other visuals, and swapping out storage boxes is easy and still keeps the clutter to a minimum. If you feel yourself getting bored with your simple home, just head to your self storage and bring out some previous décor, replacing your current set every so often. This will keep things fresh without the temptation to overload your home with things or have piles of bins where you don’t want them.

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