The Logistics of Moving Your Stuff Into Storage

Here’s something that most people seeking a storage unit never think about: how will your stuff get into that storage space? Unless you have a lot of really helpful friends, there’s a good chance that you will be hiring a moving company to help you out. Moving companies are great, but working with professional movers doesn’t mean that you can forget all about planning the move.

Before moving day, make sure that you have the following logistics under control.

  • How will your stuff arrive? Imagine this scenario: a large 18-wheeler pulls into a lot that’s big enough for a truck, but nowhere near big enough for a trailer. This can be a tough situation, and it will probably result in spending more money on movers, so that they can stay longer and transport your stuff from a far-away parked location to the distant storage locker.
  • What’s the most popular moving day? This can vary from place to place, but most people move on weekends. If you’re trying to move an entire truck full of boxes into a space that’s overcrowded with people, things can get confusing. Try to pick a day that’s not quite so popular, so that you can skip the crowds.
  • Know where you want movers to put things in your storage unit. Do you plan to return in order to reach a few specific items or boxes? This is information that your movers need to know in advance of moving day. Are there some things that you’d prefer to place near the back or front of the storage unit? Once again, let your movers know about this before you move.
  • Talk to the owners of a self storage facility about your options if you have too much stuff. Even though you may have taken the time to estimate how much space you actually need, you might have been off – but you may not realize this until moving day arrives. What are your options if you need more self storage space? Can you easily rent out another space? Is there space adjacent to your first locker? How will the movers get to the second space? These are things you need to know in advance.
  • How long do you need to hire movers on the day of the move? Try and figure out how long it will take to move all of your stuff into that self storage space. It’s a good idea to have this timeframe estimated before you move, or you could be looking at a high moving bill.
  • Are there any height or weight restrictions at the facility? If a moving truck isn’t going to clear that height limit, this can be an issue. Find out about height and weight restrictions, and tell your movers about these things before the moving day arrives.
  • Do you have any items that require special care? Some storage facilities offer temperature controlled spaces and other spaces that are perfect for storing specific items that need particular care, but this isn’t something that you’ll want to figure out mid-move.

Storing Your Stuff With Us

At Waterglen Self Storage, we offer the most competitive rates in the Fort Collins area. We are also happy to offer you any packing materials that you need, and our staff is always here to answer any questions you might have about storage options, truck allowances, and any other details that you see in this blog post. If you’ve never rented a storage space before, we understand that you may have some concerns – but, don’t worry, you’re in great hands with us!

Try your best to figure out all of the logistics involved with moving your stuff to a storage space before you move, but we’re here to help you while you’re in the process of moving in case you forget any details. You can also contact us through the phone, through this website, or on Facebook for additional information and for rates.

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