Kids Home For The Summer? Make Room With External Storage!

Many Northern Colorado families who have older children are looking to downsize to something more manageable. As the kids go off to college, it’s tempting to clean out their things and start using that space for your own, whether that’s a workout room, office, or storage area. But with the economy and job prospects being what they are, more and more grown kids are coming back to live with their parents, even just for the summer in between semesters. And often they come with a truck full of stuff, so where are you going to put everything? It’s a situation that a lot of families are facing these days, and self-storage options are here to help!

We are all dealing with a serious mismatch of square footage in our homes, and how much stuff we own, and we’re having to come up with creative solutions for where we can fit everything. Then, if you add another person or two to the mix, it’s like trying to put together an expert-level puzzle! So if you are playing host to your child this summer and are having a hard time finding storage options, here are a few reasons why a external storage unit might be just the thing you’re looking for!

  1. It can be temporary

Most storage unit companies don’t make you sign lengthy contracts or lock you in for a long time, so it’s a perfect solution when you have temporary houseguests. If your kid is home for a few months, or is taking a gap year, there’s no harm in putting a few of your things in storage until they move out. You can rent units month to month, so you’ll always be ready for when things change.

  1. It’s more affordable than you might think

If you have a lot of belongings for yourself and your family, it may be a wise financial investment to rent a storage unit in Northern Colorado. Considering the time and effort it might take to rearrange your current home, and the money you might spend on organizational products, it might be cheaper just to haul everything off to a safe and secure storage center. Consider it an investment in your mental well being!

  1. It’s ideal for seasonal items

When your kids come home for the summer, don’t waste your precious home space holding on to your holiday decorations or family memorabilia. External storage spots are perfect for these sorts of things, so you can hold them elsewhere until you need them in a few months time. There’s no reason to clog up the attic or garage with items you never use, or won’t need until December, so take them on over to your local storage center instead!

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