How to Organize Your Home for a New Baby

Chances are that you thought your home was great the way it is until you found out that you are expecting a baby. Suddenly, that room full of stuff you never use needs to be cleaned out, that old cabinet that’s seen better days has to go, and you need to make room for the tons of baby items that people will be dropping off at your house. Babies come with a lot of stuff! But, don’t worry, as storage experts, we have a few tips when it comes to organizing your home to prepare for baby too – take a look!

Go slowly: this is the most important thing to remember when organizing your home. While it can seem extremely overwhelming when you have a million things to do an organize, you can get it all done if you just take it day by day. Don’t try and clean out your home in one hour, and realize that parts of your home might be a mess for a month or two. It’s also worth pointing out that your baby will be just fine if she arrives before your home is clean. You really don’t need to worry about hazardous things until she starts to crawl!

Sort, sort, sort: instead of attempting to organize and store everything that you own, start by sorting through the things that you do have. You’ll quickly realize that some of those items can be thrown away, some can be donated, some can be stored in a self storage facility, and some can be kept. There’s a good chance that you really don’t need to keep all of that stuff, so start sorting as soon as possible!

Start creating a routine now: once the baby is here, your routine might go out of the window, but a good and solid organization plan can really help matters. If you don’t have a place to put everything currently, start by making sure that every item in a home has a place to be stored. Then, get into the habit every night of running around your home picking things up and placing them in those designated areas. This kind of routine will stick with you after the baby is born.

If you already have kids: ask them to start helping you clean things out and organize your existing items. You can also teach kids to put things back in certain spots, so that the house doesn’t become a chaotic mess. The same thing goes for your husband or wife – make sure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to organization.

Realize the Realities

It’s nice to walk into a home that’s clean and looks like something out of a magazine. But the reality is that your home is likely to be a bit messy most of the time when you have a new baby. Mom might not have the energy to clean, and dad might not be around that much. So what can you do? Let it go. Realize that cleaning is at the bottom of your list of priorities, and that you can simply get around to all of that cleaning some other time. Right now, just rest and be with your family – you’ll get to all of the cleaning eventually!

If you do have some time before the baby is born to organize and clean, start by sorting through your items little by little. If you find that you have things you want to keep but have no room for right now, you can rent out a storage space from Waterglen Storage in Fort Collins. We are more than happy to find the right size storage rental area for you, so that you can store the things you want to keep but don’t need right away. Call us today for more information!

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