Some Home Selling Tips

If you’ve made the decision to sell your home, there are some basic home staging tips that will help you sell your home faster. As soon as you move out everything you want to put into self storage, you’ll be left with a semi-empty home that may be hard to sell as it is. Take a look at these staging tips to really put your home in the best possible light.

  1. Try and keep closets and storage areas neat and tidy. If your closet is overflowing with clothes, and you have shoes and scarves hanging from shelves, it’s time to tidy up. Pack up the summer clothes that you don’t need right now, and put those in a storage unit. Organize anything that’s left by leaving enough space for your clothes and shoes to fill out the closet, but don’t pack it so tightly that a homebuyer will be buried beneath items when opening up closet doors.
  2. Get rid of all that kitchen clutter. If you have a lot of different kitchen appliances that take up too much counter space, you may want to put a few of those in a Waterglen storage unit. While you can keep some things, clearing off the countertops allows buyers to imagine their own items inside of that kitchen space — something that’s tough to do if the counters and cabinets are overflowing with baking items!
  3. Go for a comforting scent: This is an old home staging tip but it works wonders when it comes to evoking feelings of nostalgia. Burn a candle that smells like baking cookies, fall pumpkins, or something with a holiday feel like spice. Ask your realtor to light and blow out the candle during any showing. Alternately, you can purchase scented plug-ins that have the same impact as a candle, but are much easier to manage.
  4. Remember your backyard and storage areas. If your backyard is filled with lawn equipment and kid’s toys, place those in storage while you show your home. A lot of people forget to clean up yard clutter when it comes to selling a home, but people that are viewing your home will be looking at every single spot inside and outside of your house – and that includes basements, storage sheds, and even those backyard spots you don’t think anyone notices. Clean it all out, and put what you can’t move into a storage space.
  5. Get rid of anything personal. This is one of the hardest things for most people to do, since your home has been your personal space for so long now. But getting rid of things like photos and other quirky bits will open up the inside of your home, so that your walls are bare and freshly painted. Once again, it’s about letting the potential buyer see what the home could look like with less of your things, and more of their things.
  6. Fix those things that need some quick attention. Peeling paint, shrubs that need a trim, and other items that are fast to fix should be attended to well before people start to view your home. While you don’t have to remove any walls or fix any major structures, you should pay attention to the smaller details. Sometimes, all a home needs is a good coat of fresh paint.

The Simple Rules

There’s a fine line between a cluttered home and one that’s barren. To strike the right balance, move anything that is too large or takes up too much space to a storage facility. This way, you can clear out the clutter, leave what’s needed, and show buyers how much potential space your home actually has. Believe it or not, home staging goes a long way towards making a sale, and waiting for someone to figure out what a home might look like without all of your things inside of it.

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