Get a Larger Storage Unit Than You Think You Need

Most people nowadays can understand the practical value of having their own self-storage unit in Fort Collins, but don’t know which size unit is best for them. Although all sizes of units are reasonably priced, too many people choose a very small unit in an attempt to save money. However, if you end up with a unit that is too small for your needs, you could end up with more hassle than expected!

When it comes to choosing a storage unit size, the adage of “better safe than sorry” applies. Remember that, except in a very small number of cases, your storage unit is designed to grow with you. You want more open room in your unit than you may think. This will allow you to utilize it more, and know that you always have a spot for things that you don’t wish to keep in your home any longer. Or if you end up with a big score at a garage sale, or inherit something you didn’t expect. In order to be practical, your storage unit should have plenty of room left, after you’ve done your initial packing.

It is also important to have room left in your unit for the sake of safety. When your unit is packed to the brim, and you can’t move around very well, you’re much more likely to slip, trip, or fall, or have something fall on you. You should never put your health in harm’s way, just to fit your belongings into a smaller unit. Upgrade to a larger storage space, and organize your things into neat piles, with clear walkways, so you can get to everything you need, without having to climb over boxes and bins!

To save time and energy, get a larger storage unit than you think you need. You will be able to keep things tidy, be able to see the labels on your boxes, and be able to find what you’re looking for with ease. This will prevent your unit from becoming an intimidating pile of stuff that you don’t want to deal with! Because when you actually use your unit, you will feel like you’re getting your money’s worth, and it will improve your quality of life.

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