Do You Have The Right Storage For Your Spring Cleaning Projects?

Alas, the productive season of the year is here! Everyone in Fort Collins is excited about the warm weather, and ready to get started on their intensive spring cleaning projects, both inside and outside of their homes. However, many people start tackling major renovations or decluttering without a solid backup plan or an idea about the right kinds of storage for their needs. This can lead to issues when you don’t have the proper space, or organizational tools, to finish the job, and sometimes these half-finished jobs can lie around for months! Don’t fall into this frustrating trap this year.

This time of year can be incredibly fun and motivating, especially after a long and cold winter, but it doesn’t have to include headaches, hassles, or multiple trips to the hardware store! If you take the time to come up with a storage strategy now, you’ll encounter much smoother sailing once you get waist-deep in boxes. Take these tips to heart this spring, and you can start looking forward to a clean, organized, and more spacious home!

  1. Decide what stays

The easiest place to start with any cleaning or renovation project is to decide what you can throw out, what you can donate, and what needs to be kept. Be sure you do this important step before you start looking ahead at storage solutions. Pare down as much as you possibly can, letting the freedom of cleanliness keep you moving forward. Then once you have decided (preferably with the input of all members of the household) what you need to hold on to, then you can research the best storage solutions.

  1. Consider offsite storage

Many people forget that there are clean, safe, and convenient storage places just down the street, and they end up getting overwhelmed by the amount of stuff they have, or the awkward corners in their houses. If you have larger items that you’d like to get out of your attic or basement, consider looking into offsite storage. You can get a unit for a modest monthly fee, and you can finally get that old washer and dryer out of your sight!

  1. Be consistent

If you really want to make your Fort Collins home feel organized, inviting, and spacious, don’t approach your storage willy nilly. Don’t just grab whatever boxes and bins you see in the store each time, otherwise you’ll end up with a messy looking garage, living room, or crawlspace! Take the time to plan out how many containers you’ll need, and buy them all at once from the same supplier. This will keep things consistent, and much more appealing to the eye.

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