Common Myths About Storage Units, Debunked

While self-storage in Fort Collins is a booming business, there are still many people that have never rented or considered renting a unit before. No matter your personal experiences with self-storage, you’ve probably heard at least one myth about these kinds of companies.

There are many myths out there, about storage units, or what it might be like to use one. When in doubt, visit a self-storage facility, ask questions, and see what’s real and what’s not. Here are some of the common myths that people believe about storage units:

Myth: They’re not safe. I’ll have my stuff stolen!

Fact: Most self-storage facilities are quite secure, offering 24/7 security, coded gates, multiple video cameras, and good lighting. Look for a storage company that is committed to safety, and visit the area and see how you feel.

Myth: Storage units are only for hoarders.

Fact: People of all kinds utilize the convenience of storage units! You don’t have to have a home packed to the brim with stuff, to benefit from self-storage. New parents, college students, couples who are downsizing, small business owners, and many others love their storage units.

Myth: Self-storage is so expensive!

Fact: While the cost of renting a unit may be more than having your stuff sitting in your garage, often the rental fees are quite reasonable. Save extra money by choosing the right sized unit for you, or paying in advance for a longer rental term.

Myth: Storage units are dirty.

Fact: Most self-storage facilities are well-maintained, and thoroughly cleaned between each tenant. While you are responsible for keeping your unit clean while using it, you can typically count on the facility itself to be tidy and free of pests.

Myth: If times are tough, you can live in your unit.

Fact: Absolutely not, no matter the circumstances. Storage units are not fit to inhabit, by humans or animals. Doing so would put you at risk for immediate eviction, and potential criminal charges, especially if there are pets or children involved.

Myth: Storage facilities can sell off your things at any time.

Fact: Certain popular TV shows may make it seem like there are storage units up for auction all the time, but the truth is that most facilities will go to great lengths to avoid the auction process. If you’re behind on payments or haven’t removed your belongings, you will be given many options before this would ever happen.

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