College Student? You May Want to Consider Self Storage!

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If you’re a college student, you probably know better than anyone else that the summer is almost here. It’s almost time to pack away your books and dorm room items, and get ready to go home for a summer filled with sun and fun. Even though you may not want to look ahead to next year yet (and we can’t blame you!), we’d like to suggest that you take just a minute to consider what you will do when it’s time to move back into your dorm.

Moving back to school in the fall means bringing all of your stuff back to campus again. This also means packing up the car again, and getting everything boxed and ready to go for that long trek back to campus. But we have a better idea – one that will save you a lot of time and even money in the long run. What’s that idea? Rent a Fort Collins self storage locker instead.

Benefits of Storing Your Stuff

Instead of packing up everything you own and moving it back home (and the unpacking it for the summer and re-packing it to head back to school again!), you can simply unload anything that you will need for next year in your own storage locker. Things like sheets, curtains, books, and anything else that will definitely decorate your new dorm room can all go into that storage space. Here are some additional benefits.

-Less hassle: just pack up your stuff and drop it off in town before you leave.
-Easier pick up: when you move back, just pick up your stuff – it will be waiting for you.
-Cost saving: you don’t have to buy packaging items and worry about transport costs.
-You get to leave campus sooner! While everyone else is packing up for days and loading up cars and trucks, you can simply throw your things into a storage space and be done with it.

Moving? Even More Reason!

If you are planning on studying in another country for a year, this is an even better reason to pack up your stuff and place it in a self storage unit. This way, you can simply pick up where you left off when you return to campus. No fuss, no hassle, and no renting a moving van.

One More Reason to Store Your Stuff

Are you graduating this year? If you are, you may not have a place to call home just yet. If this is the case, where will you put your stuff while you look for an apartment? Why not drop it all off at a storage unit, and pick it up when you have a new place arranged? It’s a lot easier than bringing your stuff to your mom’s house, right? Plus, you can go through the things that you have in storage when you are ready, and you may decide to get rid of a lot of that stuff. Hauling the things you don’t need to the dump will be a lot simpler if you don’t have to rummage through the stuff at your parent’s house before you move.

Renting a self storage unit definitely has its perks when it comes to moving home for the summer, moving abroad for a semester, or graduating and moving to a new place. Plus, self storage rentals are more affordable than you may think. If you want somewhere to store your items, call Waterglen Storage today for more information. There’s no need to rent a truck and move all of your stuff back home for the summer when you can simply put all of your things into a self storage unit. Call today for rates and locations.

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