How to Choose a Self-Storage Facility

The number one thing that most people want to know about storing items how to pick a self-storage facility. You may be in an area where there are lots of these places spanning a variety of self-storage options. Or, you could be in a place where it seems like you only have one option (we’ll get to that problem in a minute!). We know that this can be a hard decision to make, so here are some of our top tips.

  1. When pricing storage units, make sure to note the items that will be stored in a locker, and any specifics that you need to have in place before asking for a quote. The rate for storing items that have to be kept at a certain temperature (for example) can be quite different than the rate for storing items that don’t require any kind of room control.
  2. Find out what types of amenities storage facilities offer. Most people assume that all storage units are the same, but this isn’t the case. You can rent out spaces that have things like climate control or extra security, so make sure to compare the offerings of all the storage facilities in your area before you choose one.
  3. Ask about security. Amazingly, some storage facilities do not have any kind of security at all! Other places can offer 24-hour surveillance, additional locks, on-site guards, and various other options. Security is a big deal when it comes to storage since you want to keep all of your items safe, right? Make sure to find out what kind of security is available when you book a space.
  4. Take the time to read the reviews. Customer service can be a really big deal when it comes to storage units. You don’t want to argue with a disgruntled employee when you need to call to find out details about your space or other things. That’s why it pays to read online reviews, speak to people that use storage facilities, and make sure to choose a trusted company.
  5. Hours: some storage facilities are open late at night and early in the morning, but that doesn’t mean that you can access your things during those times. Every business has set access hours, so make sure you know what those hours are before you book a space. You’ll want to find out when you can access your things and when people aren’t allowed on a property.
  6. Distance: if you only have one storage option in your area, you may not have to select that location. Really, distance is only a factor if you need to access your storage locker regularly. Otherwise, traveling a short distance to another town is not an impossability. Plus if you can disregard distance chances are that will give you more storage options.
  7. The contract: read the details of any contract that you sign. Make sure you understand when things can be accessed, when the hours are, how much you need to pay monthly, and anything else that you need to know. All contracts are different, so do take the time to read through any that you consider.

Waterglen Self Storage

If you are considering storing your items at Waterglen Self Storage, you should know that we offer top security at really reasonable rates. We can also accommodate almost any request, and we’re happy to speak with you about your needs. All of our storage units are taken care of regularly, kept in good shape, and monitored throughout the day and night. In short, you are in good hands when you choose Waterglen Self Storage!

We know that you probably have some questions for us about our storage option, or about storing items in general. Please feel free to leave us a note on this blog, or contact us for any additional information that you need – we’ll get back to you quickly! We also have a Facebook page where you can reach out to a member of our team. We look forward to working with you!

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