How to Choose the Right Storage Unit Size

Self-storage in Fort Collins is more popular than ever, as people are realizing the benefits of keeping their extra belongings in a secure, off-site, climate-controlled location. However, with the variety of shapes and sizes of storage units, many people have a hard time finding the best one for their needs.

A good rule of thumb is to always get a unit that’s slightly bigger than what you think you’ll need, so you’ll have enough room to get to all of your stuff, as well as add more things over time. Plus, with the affordable prices of storage units these days, it’s worth renting a spacious unit, so you can have flexibility for life’s transitions, like moving or having kids!

But where do you start? Here at Waterglen Storage, we have several sizes to choose from, and they all come with convenient roll-up doors and car/truck access. Check out the following sizes, and see which storage unit is right for you:


The smallest unit is best for only a handful of items, such as boxes of paperwork or small furniture like end tables or lamps. You can count on fitting about a small closet’s worth of things in this unit.


Slightly bigger than the 4×5, this unit can hold about one small room’s worth of items, such as a dresser or bookcase, twin bed, a small desk and chair, and some clothes and other boxes.


A great starting point for many people is the 5×10 unit, which can hold an average room’s worth of things. You can fit items such as a queen bed, dresser, accessory tables, closet contents, and a few boxes.


This is a good-sized unit for someone needing to store a studio apartment or a family/living room’s worth of items. You can fit a small sofa, a couple of beds, a table/chair set, several boxes, and some miscellaneous items.


For those who need to store everything from a small house, this is a good place to start. This larger unit can hold large sofas, full-sized appliances, several beds, a dining set, and other medium sized furniture.


Similar to the 10×20, this is a good unit for those needing to store items from a large home or a small office building.


This spacious unit can hold several household’s worth of belongings and furniture, or at least 5+ bedrooms of things. It can also house some recreational vehicles.

12×25 or 12×30

When you want to store things from multiple households or businesses, these two extra-large units may be a good fit for you. Call us to talk about your storage needs!

If you need help deciding on a storage unit, come to Waterglen today and let us give you a tour!

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