Best Ways to Store a Wedding Dress

You’ve probably spent thousands of dollars on your wedding dress. Learning how to store it properly means preserving the dress and your investment! Whether you are storing it for future generations or just because you love your dress and can’t part with it, there are some good and bad ways to store that dress – take a look.self storage, fort collins self storage, self storage units

1.Clean your dress as soon as possible. Let’s face it – a white dress combined with lots of food and drink probably means that you got a few things on that dress, right? Waiting a long time to have the dress dry cleaned isn’t a good idea, since stains can set in for good if you don’t get it cleaned immediately. Bring your dress to your dry cleaner right away, and get rid of those stains for good.

2.Put your dress in a box with acid-free tissue paper. You can bring your dress to a dry cleaner that will package and keep your dress in a box nice and neatly, just make sure that they are using the right tissue paper to pack it.

3.Put the box in the right place. Since you’ve gone to all that trouble to box your dress and dry clean it, it’s a good idea to store it properly too. Where’s the best place to store a dress? In a cool and dry area that’s away from sunlight. Sunlight can fade fabric over time, and dampness can really ruin delicate materials. Looking into Fort Collins storage units to store your dress is a wise idea, since these units can be temperature controlled.

4.Try and be aware of what you are eating and drinking during your wedding. Stick with clear alcohols or water to avoid any colored stains, and place a napkin in your lap when you are eating anything. If you can skip the spilled wine and cake, you will be one step ahead.

Should You Store Your Dress?

You can safely store your dress in a Fort Collins self storage unit without issue, but should you really keep that dress? Do you really think that your daughter will wear it? If not, there are a number of other places where you can donate your dress to brides in need. Look for a charity that specializes in wedding dresses, and consider giving your dress to someone that can’t afford to buy one of their own. This way, you can skip all of the storage steps (other than dry cleaning it!), and make someone happy at the same time.

If you do absolutely want to keep your dress, there’s no better way to store it than the way mentioned above. But, you don’t have to do any of this on your own. Call a number of dry cleaners in your area, and ask whether or not they package and clean gowns. Once that’s done, you may want to shop for the best price, since storing a gown isn’t cheap (you can expect to pay hundreds of dollars). If you do go through all of the trouble of having it cleaned and packaged, make sure to store it properly!

Renting a Self Storage Unit With Waterglen

We are more than happy to store your dress for you, and you can rent a self storage unit from us that’s temperature controlled for absolute perfection. New to the storage world? Call us to tell us what you’d like to store, and we will provide you with details about how to rent a storage space, and what size space you will need for your items. Trust us, storing your wedding dress in a self storage space is one of the best possible options when it comes to keeping that dress investment safe and secure!

How did you store your dress? Did you store it or give it away? Let us know by coming over to our Facebook page and commenting. We’d love to hear from you!


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