Best Small Bathroom Storage Tips

Storage units are great for storing things that you can’t fit into your home, but chances are that you need most of the stuff that you want to cram into that small bathroom space. What’s a person to do? Simply put, it’s time to get creative! Here are some ways that you can maximize a really small bathroom space, so that you can fit everything you need into that room.

  • Take Martha Stewart’s advice: She suggests putting a shelf above your bathroom door, and storing things like soap (in a tight container), extra shampoo, washcloths, and other items on this shelf. If you use baskets and bins like Martha did, you can even keep that shelf nice and tidy. You probably have to have enough space above your door to make this design happen, but if you do have the space use it!
  • Store your towels on a shelf inside of your bathroom, or use a ladder to hang towels against an empty space of wall. These are both great ways to keep towels accessible if you don’t have a linen closet handy.
  • Use the space on the back of your door to hang some kind of a rack with pockets. You can place things like towels, brushes, and other items there.
  • Don’t forget about the space inside of your shower. If your bathtub rims are crowded with items, hang a rack on the shower head instead, and place all of those things inside the rack. You’ll save a lot of space by keeping things inside of your shower instead of on ledges.
  • Affix a small bookshelf to your bathroom wall. Bookshelves have many compartments, and that’s exactly what you need for all of those bathroom items. You can use baskets and containers to keep things neat, and the shelf will simply hold everything that you need at arm’s length.
  • Think about crate shelves, which can hold many things, and can be stacked to look great aesthetically too.
  • Pegs: You can add simple pegs to the walls to hold your towels. This is a simple solution to a towel rack, and it works just as well. Also, think of hanging things that aren’t towels on pegs. If you can hang it, you can hang it on a peg!

Tips for Hanging Shelves

The trick to making shelves work is to put them at arm’s reach. If you put a shelf too high up, you won’t be able to take down everyday items that you need to use regularly. You can store some things on a higher shelf (like the Martha Stewart example) if those things aren’t used everyday. Towels and things like Q-tips should be put on shelves that are easy to reach.

You can really maximize a small bathroom space if you start to think of ways to store things off of the floor. In a small bathroom, floor space is limited, so putting up shelves or hanging things is the way to go. The trick is not to make your walls too cluttered, and to keep those shelves neat and dust free. Baskets, bins, and glass containers can really help with it comes to keeping things tidy!

Storing the Bigger Items

If you’re moving from a large home with a grand bathroom to smaller space, you may have things like vanities and chairs that you can no longer fit in your new home. That’s where Waterglen can help. You can rent one of our storage units to house all of the things that you can’t put in your new home. We offer secure storage, great rates, and all shapes and sizes when it comes to storage units. Call us today for more information.

At Waterglen Self Storage, our mission is to help you store the things that you can’t fit into your home. We also want to know what some of your small bathroom storage tips are, we’d love to see how you’ve organized your small bathroom! In the meantime, think about what you’d like to store with us, and we’ll help you find the perfect storage space for your items.

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