Benefits of Fort Collins Storage Units For Business Documents

No, computers did not necessarily free up paper use and storage need. Sorry. Our electronic home and business machines sure make our jobs a whole lot easier and more efficient, but most of us regardless if it’s our home or business, still have boxes and boxes of hard data we need to retain.

These items include:

  • Billing and accounts receivable documentation
  • Work orders
  • Tax receipts and records
  • Health and insurance paperwork, records, receipts and documentation
  • Payroll information
  • Personnel files and records
  • Old and obsolete client data we are required to store by law
  • Promotional and advertising materials
  • Billing agreements
  • Work contracts
  • Insurance records for specific clients, jobs, or personnel
  • Product specs and choices
  • Equipment and material manuals
  • Tools
  • Mechanical items (especially for construction and supply stores)
  • Out of season products
  • Product overflow
  • Large orders on hold
  • Extra computers, keyboards, printers, paper reams and other items to use as backup in event of equipment failure.
  • Noxious items including chemicals, paint, and solvents (especially for metal workers and mechanics, but even manufacturers of specialty soaps need a safe place to store ingredients, like lye.

We will stop there. Virtually every business, regardless of size, has an excess of items that are not in daily use, yet must be kept for the successful running of the business. Tax records and personal as well as client documents are one very obvious source for nice neat boxes of organized paperwork. Accounting does require a great deal of hard data, storing data in our computers is generally not sufficient, nor does it meet legal requirements in most cases. Even the local seamstress needs storage for bolts of fabric, patterns, dressmaking dummies, notions, and excess inventory.

We know how cluttered our homes can get, but what about our work space? Is it really worth it for your company to rent out additional office space just for holding and protecting important documents and supplies? Should a house painter really rent  another garage to hold all his supplies? And, how economically feasible is it for the freelance computer repair lady to store all her tools and computers in her garage? Can she really find anything in that mess, and wouldn’t it be better if she could actually get her car in the garage?

What about damages? If the extra office unit you rented just for storage is not climate controlled, or pest free, you could lose all those papers. Museums use very special humidity and temperature controlling electronics for storing both artifacts and valuable documents. Our office storage may not need that level of finesse to allow our data to retain its physical integrity, but it is something to think about. Storing chemicals or paint in an overheated area will inevitably lead to disaster, as will trying to keep delicate items intact in the wrong kind of storage venue.

Store Your Business Records

What could be more cost effective and efficient? Property rentals are very expensive. Self storage in Fort Collins, CO is not. A typical office space could rent for around $2000 a month. With self storage of your business documents, you’re looking at probably less than a thousand dollars a year in rental fees.

Keep your documents safe and confidential with Fort Collins storage units.

No one can get at them who is not supposed to. That alone is worth keeping storage documents in a storage locker. Consider in addition that self storage units are designed to be pest and rodent free, fireproof, and generally equipped to be pretty secure in the event of water damage. Some storage units are even temperature and climate controlled for the needs of specific types of materials. You wont have to worry about your business documents getting damaged, nor do you need to even give a thought to violating any right to privacy laws or inadvertently allowing someone access to material that is by law, confidential. And, any time you need to pull any documents, all you have to do is visit your Fort Collins storage unit, retrieve the appropriate material, then return it to its storage place.

Kheel Center
Old Office CC Photo Courtesy of Kheel Center

Keep your business uncluttered and efficient.

It is so much more pleasant to work an office where one is not met with walls of boxes and piles of data all over the place. An uncluttered office is not only incredibly more efficient, it is a great deal more pleasant than an overcrowded cluttered mess. Use the extra room gained by using self storage for a more pleasant reception area, a lunch area, even more personal space for each employee.

Safely store noxious material and machinery.

Self storage is an ally for not only business that require document storage, but for the trades. Chemicals, paints, machinery, tools, all these items are potential hazards. Free up floor space in your shop by storing large machinery and seldom used tools. insure safety for your clientele as well as employees by keeping dangerous chemicals safely stored away, particularly if they purchased in large quantities. Finally, trade related materials, tools and products are very expensive. Using self storage to keep them free from theft, accidental damage or mishandling will keep replacement costs down.

Whatever your business self storage needs, just go rent the appropriate Fort Collins self storage unit and give yourself a lot of peace of mind. Save money, get free of clutter, safely store documents, and keep your work environment hazard free.

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