7 Odd Things Found in Storage Units

Sometimes people leave the strangest things in storage units. Many of those things are found on shows like ‘Storage Wars,’ and some things are just found by owners of storage unit lots. Either way, it’s interesting to note what some people think is a good idea to store! Take a look at these seven strange and quirky things found in storage units!

  • Urns galore! Not sure what to do with the remains of your great aunt? Some people stash those remains in storage units. There have been so many urns found in units that it’s hard to count them all! Note: it’s probably not a good idea to store an urn — there has to be a better resting place!
  • Clothes belonging to Aretha Franklin. This diva stored a lot of her personal belongings in a storage unit after her home caught fire. After some time, someone that was taking care of her estate stopped paying for the unit, and the clothes were sold to the highest bidder — kind of sad, right?
  • Expensive and rare vehicles. Often, storage unit owners will find abandoned vehicles in storage lockers. Why someone would pay a lot for a rare vehicle, and then stop paying to store that vehicle is beyond us!
  • A live hand grenade. After purchasing the locker at auction, a man from Michigan was surprised when he opened the locker to find a live hand grenade! Yikes! Authorities were called, and the grenade was diffused — whew!
  • A human limb. A man once purchased a storage locker at auction, was pleased to find a smoking grill in the unit, and brought it home to clean it up. What he didn’t expect to find was a human limb inside of the smoker — imagine his surprise!
  • Pythons. On the show ‘Storage Hunters’ one bidder bought a locker full of pythons! The albino pythons were stored in the locker, much to the surprise of the purchaser.
  • A man in a cage. Once again, on the show ‘Storage Wars,’ bidders were shocked to find a man in a cage with some odd letters written on him. The man was alive when the locker was opened, so he was let out of the cage. Once he was let out, the man ran down the street – did we mention that he was naked? Here’s a good example of what not to store in a locker!

Think Twice Before Storing!

If the items that you are thinking of storing are dangerous (like a live hand grenade), alive (like the man in the cage), or too precious to simply throw away (your aunt’s ashes), try and find a better storage solution. A storage unit can literally hold anything, but that doesn’t mean that it should hold everything! There are some limits, so make sure to abide by those common sense rules. If you are thinking of bidding on a locker, be prepare for anything. You never know what someone may decide to store and leave behind!

Our Fort Collins Storage Units

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