6 Things Not to Put in Your Storage Unit

Self-storage is becoming quite popular, with individuals and families across the region taking advantage of this simple, easy way to manage their clutter. Renting your very own storage unit can be a great investment, especially if you are downsizing, moving, or simply want to create more space in your home. There are hundreds of things that you can put into off-site storage, including appliances, children’s toys and clothes, and holiday decorations, but there are also things that you should not put into your unit. Self-storage is great for lots of things, but not for these items:

  1. Anything alive

Things like plants and animals should never be placed into a storage unit, even if you come and check on them every single day. Living things need air, sunshine, water, and some level of interaction in other to thrive, so make sure you keep these things at home with you, where they belong.

  1. Hazardous chemicals

Due to safety regulations, many chemicals cannot be stored in a storage unit. Even if you aren’t planning to stash away an entire chemistry lab, simple household things like paint thinners, wood stains, and even some cleaning supplies shouldn’t be put in your unit.

  1. Perishable food

Many kinds of food products, including pet food, go bad and start to smell after a while. Don’t use your storage unit as a pantry or refrigerator, even for some dry goods. You run the risk of rotting food attracting mice, flies, and other pests, not to mention having a gross mess to clean up.

  1. Cash

It might be tempting to squirrel away some cash in your storage unit, but please note that most insurance policies don’t cover cash. Your spare change is much better off in a secure place like a bank or safety deposit box.

  1. Firearms

Even if your unit has round-the-clock security, and your guns and ammo are locked up separately, it’s never a good idea to store these things offsite. Firearms and explosives are forbidden in storage units by federal law, so make sure you leave these out.

  1. Irreplaceable items

If you have a priceless piece of artwork, your grandmother’s heirloom jewelry, or any other item that holds tremendous significance for you, it’s best to not put them in your storage unit. You’ll be able to sleep better at night knowing the things you can’t ever replace are with you at home, or in a specialty facility designed for valuables.


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