6 Things You Should Never Put in Your Storage Unit

These days, self-storage in Fort Collins is a very popular option for handling your extra clutter and keeping your valuables safe. However, even though there are many advantages to having a clean, secure, and climate-controlled storage unit, it’s not a good solution for everything. While most household items, collectibles, and furniture can be safely stored in your unit, there are several things that you should find another place for.

Here are six things that you should keep out of your storage unit at all costs:

  1. Perishable foods

Don’t use your storage unit as an extension of your pantry, and refrain from storing perishable food items, including pet food. This may attract insects, rodents, and other pests to your unit, and you may end up with serious damage to your belongings.

  1. Fuel

A public storage center is not the place to keep your cans of gasoline or other flammable materials, so talk to your local environmental health agency about the best storage options for these items. Don’t risk a spill, a fire, or other contamination!

  1. Firearms/ammo

If you have guns, ammunition, or other explosives, leave them out of your storage unit. These things should always be kept separately, in locked safes, for optimal security. If these dangerous items are kept in a unit away from your house, you cannot maintain control over them, and you may put storage staff at risk.

  1. Living creatures

This should go without saying, but a storage unit is not the place to house animals or humans. These units are not designed to provide adequate shelter, light, or safety for your pets or yourself, and should never be used as a dwelling in any form.

  1. Drugs

Drugs or drug paraphernalia of any kind are not permitted in self-storage facilities, and it’s important to understand the laws surrounding these things. This rule obviously covers illegal/controlled substances, as well as alcohol and marijuana, but it also extends to prescription medication.

  1. Stolen goods

An offsite storage unit may seem like a good place to stash your stolen goods, but don’t count on self-storage employees to protect your secrets. Facilities must comply with local and federal laws, and will cooperate with law enforcement if they suspect robbery or another crime.

When you use your common sense, and remember to consider the safety and security of everyone involved, you can enjoy a pleasant and convenient self-storage experience. Get in touch with us to reserve your unit today!

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