3 Reasons Self Storage Units Are Better Than Your Parent’s Basement

The transition into real adulthood usually comes with changes in living situations, and sometimes that can leave you with not enough room for all your things. Perhaps you are finally moving into your first apartment, or you’re downsizing into a house with some of your friends. But your Northern Colorado storage needs are not being met- you’ve still got boxes piled high and you have no idea where to stash your skiing equipment over the summer. Many young adults turn to their parents in situations like these, and end up storing their excess stuff in their crowded childhood basements.

Even if you have parents that are open to this idea, there are definitely some downsides to this plan. While it may seem convenient and safe, storage units are almost always a better idea to store your things while you transition your living situation. Here are our top three reasons why you should be moving your junk from your parent’s basement into a professional storage center!

  1. Privacy

Got a snoopy dad, or a mom with too much time on her hands? Your private bins and boxes can’t keep out the prying eyes, when they’re sitting downstairs, fair game to whoever is in the vicinity. If you have things that you’d rather nobody else see or pilfer, opt for a storage unit instead. You control the access, you have the key, and nobody can accidentally open any of your boxes while you’re away.

  1. Safety

Accidents happen, especially to older homes in Northern Colorado. The weather can be unpredictable, resulting in deep freezes, burst pipes, electrical fires, and minor flooding. On top of that, basements are notoriously dirty and experience wild temperature fluctuations. If you don’t want all your things to start growing mold or accidentally get broken, invest in a private storage area, where it’s temperature controlled and moisture-free.

  1. Convenience

Maybe you want to move further away from where you grew up, or want to put some space between you and your family for a bit? Why should you make a long drive to retrieve things that you need or to put more things into storage. If you choose a professional storage center, you can pick a location that is close to you, meaning all your stuff is close by just in case.

If you are getting ready to make a move to a smaller place, or are looking forward to getting out of the family home, don’t assume that your parent’s basement is the best option for housing your extra stuff. There are great storage units in Northern Colorado that are budget-friendly, clean, and convenient. It may be a better idea for your lifestyle and peace of mind to get one today!

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