3 Ways To Keep The Holiday Clutter From Overtaking Your Home

The holiday season is upon us here in Northern Colorado, and everyone is abuzz with the energy and busy-ness that comes with it. The shops are filled to the brim with new décor, gift ideas, wrapping supplies, and storage bins, ready for the time of year when consumer spending hits its yearly high. With the holiday shopping, decorating, and hosting tends to come a flood of clutter that many people find frustrating. After all, when you want to have a holiday party or need to find room for out-of-state guests, the last thing you want to deal with is junk littering your house!

It can be a challenge to stem the tide of holiday clutter, but if you are prepared and have a plan, then you can keep your home neat, clean, and guest-friendly. Here are a few tips that will help!

  1. Get a self storage unit

One of the easiest ways to keep a clutter-free home during the holidays is to have your own storage unit in Northern Colorado. This provides a space for you to store things you’re not using at the moment, and get junk out of sight when you need to. Plus, storage units are ideal for storing holiday decorations and other seasonal supplies.

  1. Only display what you truly love

Too often, our houses get crammed with lots of cheap décor this time of year, and that can be stressful, whether we realize it or not. This year, try something new, and go more minimalist with your holiday décor. Have yourself and your family members only choose items that have special meaning to you, and really savor their special presence this time of year. Keep the rest packed away in your self storage space.

  1. Use the swap-out principle

To keep clutter to a minimum, it’s helpful to adhere to the one-in-one-out rule. So when the holiday stuff comes out, try removing your everyday items and putting them in storage until January. When you put up your seasonal décor, don’t just add it on top of your usual arrangements- make it the centerpiece, and pack away the rest.

It seems like everyone these days is concerned with reducing their clutter, and investing in a self storage unit in Northern Colorado may be just the thing for you. Ask us about our availability today!

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